Get a straightforward cash offer for your house without the need for realtors, fees, or commissions!



Comparing Selling Directly to OFFRLION to Listing With a Local Agent

Investigate the possibilities to see how you can best achieve your objectives with the sale of your home even in a seller’s market. You may be able to get a higher listing price with a local real estate agent, however that doesn't always equate to more money in your pocket or a lesser amount of stress.
Examine the particulars to evaluate your selling choices.

Selling w/ an Agent

SOLD To Five-Star Cash Offer

Commissions / Fees:

Up to 6%, paid by you, the seller


Who Pays Closing Costs?

2% on average is paid by you, the seller

We pay all costs.

Inspection & Financing Contingency*:

Yes, sales can fall through.

None needed

Appraisal Needed:

Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal.

No, we make cash offers.

Average Days Until Sold:

+/- 91 Days

We provide immediate cash offers.

Number of Showings:

It Depends

1 (Just Us)

Closing Date:

30-60+/- days after accepting the buyer’s offer

Closing date of YOUR CHOICE.

Who Pays For Repairs?

Negotiated during the inspection period

We pay for all repairs.

A buyer has the option to back out of the sale if they are not satisfied with the results of an inspection or if they cannot obtain a loan for the home. An inspection contingency and a financing contingency both provide the buyer with the ability to get out of the sale if they are not able to come to an agreement with the seller or if the home does not appraise for the value that the bank requires to close the loan.

At OFFRLION, we don't rely on bank financing, eliminating any concerns you may have regarding our ability to complete the sale of your home.

Do the math and determine which option will get you to your goal.

Analyzing the figures closely will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of listing your property with a real estate agent or accepting a cash offer.

At OFFRLION, we provide advantages that are not available when selling a house through conventional means.

You could receive money in your hand within 7 days after accepting an offer.

You can get rid of that property quickly and avoid incurring further utility, tax, insurance and mortgage payments. If you list your house and wait for more than 90 days for the sale to be completed, you will have to factor in the extra costs of maintaining the property during the period it is listed.

Don't feel the need to continually tidy up or make repairs for every possible purchaser.

No matter how messy your house is or how many repairs it needs, we want to offer you money for it right away! Save yourself time and hassle and get more cash by letting us buy your home.

No hidden closing costs - we've got you covered!

We make it simple for you by providing full-service professional home buying, including covering all of the closing costs. We will provide the exact amount you are expecting to receive, minus any mortgage payoffs or other liabilities on the property.

The clear benefits of working with OFFRLION, including the time and money saved, make it evident why more homeowners are choosing to sell to a professional house buyer.

Investigate and receive an equitable all-cash bid for your home today.

Contact us now by completing the short form on this website or by dialing (317) 348-3224. We make the process easy, and you can set the closing date as you wish. Don't miss out on the chance to get a free, no-pressure offer; otherwise, you could miss out on thousands of dollars or waste months of your time. Request your offer now!